Sunday, July 7, 2013

Butterflies, puppet shows, and the 4th of July

We had a short week last week, but we crowded a lot into it.

When the afternoon got too hot, we had a puppet show.  Pinky and Roar were only too happy to entertain us.

One morning, we were butterflies.  Yes, I was a butterfly too, but fortunately, there was no one to document that.

Of course, there were crafts.  We don't do a lot of process art here.  We are still learning to use crayons, paint, and glue.  Many of our art projects consist of putting out a supply and seeing what happens.  Holidays are the exception.  We like to make pretty things then.

We made fireworks with pipecleaners and paint. Of course, whenever there is paint, we have to make a few handprints.

Painting with bubble wrap made a nice festive display.

Painting popsicle sticks is serious business. 

The painted sticks made a lovely flag for our room.

We decided to make a stain glass star to share the festivities with our neighbors.

We can't forget the water fun this week.  Everyone loves sprinkler days.

 Happy 4th of July Everyone!